When you decide to receive surgery, you still have a lot to consider. Questions will arise that will undoubtedly make you wonder whether you made the right choice.

How early do you show up for surgery? What happens once your procedure is complete? How should you prepare beforehand? How long will the surgery take?

You will address your lingering questions during a consultation with Dr. Clayman, but it can seem overwhelming to remember every detail. Dr. Clayman will tell you that surgery takes careful consideration and preparation, but he also understands that you might feel nervous, especially if this is your first time undergoing plastic surgery.

Dr. Clayman understands how you feel, and does everything he can to make sure you remain confident and comfortable. He designed his surgery center with your safety and care in mind, and he made it his priority to learn what would make his patients feel comfortable.

Our entire team tailors your experience to exceed your expectations. We’re here for you, and we show it by adapting our bedside manner and treatment modalities to your needs.

Confidentiality is Key

Receiving surgery is not something you experience on a regular basis, so it’s bound to feel new and intimidating. Many patients aren’t sure how to communicate with family and friends about their cosmetic enhancement, nor do they want to expose themselves to the public immediately after they are discharged from surgery.

At Dr. Clayman’s Surgery Center & Miracle Spa, we ensure your confidentiality before, during and after your surgery. We don’t release any information without your consent and perform all procedures in a private, state of Florida accredited surgery center located in the DePaul Professional Building adjacent to St. Vincent’s Medical Center – Riverside.

Your safety and peace of mind are values that we take very seriously, and we can assure you that you are in good hands when you receive surgery from Dr. Clayman.

Addressing All of Your Needs

By the time you’ve reached your surgery date, you have taken the necessary steps to get to know Dr. Clayman and his team. Our goal as a staff is to establish trust and build a meaningful relationship with you so that you feel completely at ease coming to us with your concerns.

Although we aim to give you detailed information about what you can expect during surgery, we also give you the freedom to communicate your specific needs so that you become as comfortable as possible. If you have questions or concerns about your surgery at any time, please do not hesitate to call Dr. Clayman’s office and speak with a member of our team. We’re only here to make this process as efficient, enjoyable and exciting as possible.

You Can Rely on Us

To learn more about our private surgery center or patient care philosophy, please contact Dr. Clayman’s Surgery Center & Miracle Spa at  (904) 388-6110 and speak with a member of our staff.